Car Inspection Tips Before and After Shipping

A Comprehensive Guide to Car Inspection Before and After Shipping

Ready to ship your car but nervous about bumps and bruises? Don’t hand over the keys blindly! This comprehensive guide empowers you to assess your car inspection before and after shipping, no matter which auto transport company you choose. From documenting dents to testing gadgets, learn the insider secrets to a smooth transit and a worry-free arrival. So grab your flashlight and checklist, it’s time to become a shipping pro!

Gear Up for the Grand Scrutiny: Tidying Up and Cleansing Ritual

  • Document the car’s 360° view through a pre-shipment video.
  • Safeguard against damage by removing loose items, and clearing the trunk, and compartments.
  • Unveil any existing issues with a meticulous car wash.

A Detective's Gaze on Dents, Scratches, and Fluid Whispers

  • Examine the exterior for dents, scratches, and paint imperfections.
  • Undercarriage scrutiny for potential scrapes or bumps.
  • Investigate and eliminate any suspicious fluid leaks.

Spotting Chips, Cracks, and the Art of Fading

  • Illuminate the paint job intricately with a flashlight.
  • Delve into the details of bumpers, mirrors, and wheel arches for any signs of wear.
  • Stay vigilant to subtle fading due to the sun’s persistent glare.

Ensuring Windows, Mirrors, and Lights Illuminate the Road Ahead

  • Assess the transparency of windows, mirrors, and the functionality of lights.
  • Confirm the seamless operation of headlights, taillights, and turn signals.

Tire Inspection: Where Tread Meets the Road

  • Examine tire tread depth, ensuring they are ready for the road.
  • Don’t forget the spare tire – confirm it’s inflated and ready for unforeseen adventures.

The Inner Sanctum: Upholstery, Gadgets, and Seatbelt Assurance

  • Scrutinize upholstery for any rips, stains, or tears.
  • Play the gadget guru by testing every knob, button, and gizmo.
  • Ensure the seatbelts are a reliable guardian of safety.

Inspecting Seats, Carpets, and the Overhead Realm

  • Address any pre-existing upholstery damage promptly.
  • Timely fixes and documentation save you from future headaches.

Navigating the Knobs, Buttons, and Fluid Kingdom

  • Tame any quirky knobs, buttons, or radios proactively.
  • Check the sunroof for any signs of rebellion – a stuck slide could turn your sunny drive into a stormy affair.

Fluid Levels, Battery Brilliance, and Belt Health

  • Dive into the fluid frenzy by checking oil, coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid levels.
  • Inspect the battery for cleanliness and corrosion – a happy terminal equals happy journeys.
  • Scan belts for cracks or wear, nipping potential gremlins in the bud.

Capturing Every Detail: Photos and Paperwork's Grand Finale

  • Close-up snapshots of existing issues – a visual record of your car’s history.
  • A meticulous review of the Bill of Lading ensures accurate details.
  • Document observed issues upon delivery for a comprehensive record.

Post-Arrival Car Inspection: A Final Scan for Perfection

  • Revisit the exterior and interior examination process, ensuring no detail escapes scrutiny.
  • Verify all functionalities, ensuring a smooth transition from ship to land.
  • Check fluid levels, and tire conditions, and listen for any whispers of trouble.

Addressing Discrepancies: Navigating the Waters of Resolution

  • File a claim promptly if newfound issues emerge.
  • Collaborate with the shipping company for swift resolution.

Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Voyage: A Prelude to Worry-Free Shipping

  • Entrust your car to a reputable and reliable shipping company.
  • Safeguard against interior shifts by securing loose items and considering protective covers.
  • Invest in comprehensive shipping insurance, offering a safety net against unforeseen events.


Reiterate the significance of pre-departure and post-arrival inspections, highlighting the importance of choosing a reliable shipping company and securing comprehensive insurance. Offer additional tips for a seamless shipping process, emphasizing the value of effective communication and choosing the right shipping method.


Imagine a PDI checklist as a detailed report card for your brand-new car, covering safety, functionality, condition, and completeness.

File a claim immediately using pre-departure documentation and photos as evidence. Contact our auto transport company for assistance.

Capture close-up photos with timestamps and clear descriptions, creating a detailed visual history.

Road bumps, weather conditions, and securement issues within the shipping container can pose risks.

Disconnect aftermarket accessories, empty the gas tank, and disable alarms or immobilizers.


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