11 Tips on How to Prepare a Car for Transport

Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

Shipping your car? Breathe easy! Before your beloved vehicle embarks on its journey, ensure a smooth and worry-free ride with these 11 essential tips on how to prepare your car. From paper trails to packing savvy, we’ll guide you through every step, protecting your car from fender benders to sun-soaked blues. So grab your checklist and let’s prepare your car for a stress-free adventure, leaving you to relax and watch your wheels roll confidently into the horizon. 

Get Paperwork Sorted:

  • Gather the essentials: Proof of registration and insurance, bill of sale or title, valid ID.
  • Prepare for international shipping: Expect extra paperwork, including import duties and taxes.
  • Check your car’s history: Avoid surprises for yourself and the transport company by disclosing any accidents or liens.

Wash and Document for Clarity:

  • Clean inside and out: A clean car reveals pre-existing scratches and helps document any new damage.
  • Take pictures and videos: Capture the car’s overall condition from various angles.
  • Note the mileage: Record it at pick-up and delivery for transparency.

Pack Light and Secure:

  • Remove personal belongings: They’re not insured and could cause trouble during transport.
  • Secure remaining items: Bungee cords or straps prevent loose objects from becoming projectiles.
  • Consider window shades: For extra security and protection from sun damage.

Protect the Vulnerable:

  • Cover mirrors, spoilers, and antennas: Bubble wrap helps shield them from bumps and scrapes.
  • Retract or remove antennas: Avoid potential snags during loading and unloading.
  • Consider sun shades and seat covers: Guard against fading and spills.

Fuel Gauge Finesse:

  • Fill the tank halfway: Avoid unnecessary weight or empty-tank issues.
  • Check your owner’s manual: Some specific fuel levels might be recommended.

Engage the Parking Brake:

  • Prevent rolling surprises: Ensure the car stays put during transport.

Security System Savvy:

  • Discuss alarm and anti-theft systems: Avoid unnecessary triggers with the transport company.
  • Deactivation methods: Know how to disable alarms if needed.

Be Ready for Inspection:

  • Meet the driver at pick-up: Inspect the car together and complete the condition report.
  • Read and understand the bill of lading: This is your legal contract for the transport.

Final Checks:

  • Ensure spare tire and emergency kit are present.
  • Remove expired parking passes or toll tags.

Relax and Say Goodbye:

Have confidence in your preparation: Following these tips ensures a smooth and worry-free journey for your car.


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