uShip Auto Transport: Transforming the Landscape of Car Shipping

Uship auto transport

Are you in need of reliable and affordable car shipping services? Look no further than uShip Auto Transport, a unique player in the transportation industry that goes beyond the traditional broker model. Unlike most auto transport companies that contract private carriers to ship vehicles, uShip acts as an innovative marketplace where transport drivers bid on your shipment request, giving you the power to choose the best price and service for your needs. Let’s dive into the impressive features and benefits of uShip Auto Transport, as well as its potential downsides

Impressive Features and Benefits

Bidding System: uShip’s marketplace allows carriers to bid on your shipment, fostering competition and enabling you to secure better pricing. This feature empowers you to compare offers from various drivers and select the most favorable deal, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

GPS Tracking: Stay informed and in control throughout the shipping process with uShip’s GPS tracking feature. Unlike other transport companies, uShip provides real-time updates on your vehicle’s location via their mobile app. This transparency gives you peace of mind and eliminates the need for constant inquiries about your shipment’s progress.

Nationwide Availability: uShip Auto Transport operates across all 50 states, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility wherever you are located. Whether you require cross-country or state-to-state shipping, uShip has you covered with their extensive network of carriers.

Potential Downsides

Non-Guaranteed Price Quotes: While the bidding system can help you secure competitive rates, it’s important to note that uShip’s price quotes are not guaranteed. The fluctuating nature of bids means that the lowest price may not always represent the best overall deal. Exercise caution and carefully evaluate each driver’s profile, price quote, and ratings to make an informed decision.

Customer Service Concerns: Some users have reported customer service issues with uShip, highlighting potential challenges in obtaining satisfactory support. It’s advisable to set clear expectations and communicate directly with carriers to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the shipping process.

Mixed Customer Reviews: Despite uShip’s unique approach, customer reviews have been mixed. While some individuals have had positive experiences, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the service. Prioritize thorough research on drivers and carriers before making your final decision to mitigate any potential risks.

Table: Featured Partners

Company NameBBB ScoreStates ServicedInternational Shipping
Easy Auto ShipExcellent49No
SGT Auto TransportExcellent50Yes
Nexus Auto TransportExcellent50Yes

Shipping Costs and State Availability:

uShip Auto Transport offers two pricing options: instant quotes and the bidding marketplace. For a standard SUV shipment from Texas to Florida (approximately 1,000 miles), the instant quotes received were as follows:

Lowest Rate: $720
Great Value: $749
Highly Rated: $770
These prices appear to be competitive when compared to national averages. However, if the instant quotes are not within your desired range, uShip’s bidding marketplace allows you to input your shipment details and receive bids from various brokers and individuals. By carefully assessing each bid and considering factors such as insurance coverage and safety records, you can secure the best price and service for your specific needs.

uShip Auto Transport is available in all 50 states and even facilitates international car shipping, giving you the flexibility and reach you require for your vehicle transportation needs.

Other Benefits

GPS Tracking Available: uShip’s mobile app offers GPS tracking functionality, providing real-time updates on your shipment’s location. This feature sets uShip apart from its competitors, as it ensures transparency and convenience throughout the transportation process.

Confidence Guarantee: While uShip does not provide carrier insurance coverage, they offer a $500 confidence guarantee. This guarantee can be beneficial in cases where you face challenges in obtaining refunds or collecting damages from the carrier you selected. It’s essential to verify that your chosen carrier carries the appropriate insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport.

Fine Print

Service Charge: uShip Auto Transport charges a service fee for using their marketplace, which fluctuates based on your shipment details. Typically, this fee adds around 6% to 10% to your final bill.

Is uShip Auto Transport Right for You?

The unique bidding system and driver profiles offered by uShip Auto Transport give you more freedom and control over pricing and carrier selection. Instead of relying on a broker’s decision, you can make an informed choice based on drivers’ profiles, price quotes, and ratings. While additional fees apply when using uShip’s marketplace, the advantages it offers, such as greater transparency and flexibility, outweigh the minimal mark-up.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Costs

When using uShip Auto Transport, the final shipping cost will depend on several industry-standard factors, including:

  • Distance of the trip
  • Service type (open transport, enclosed transport)
  • Vehicle type (sedan, SUV, truck)
  • Vehicle condition
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Current season (spring, summer, fall, winter)


Yes, uShip Auto Transport provides international car shipping services through their network of carriers, expanding your options beyond domestic transportation.
uShip’s bidding system allows carriers to bid on your shipment request, enabling you to compare quotes from different drivers. This empowers you to select the best price and carrier based on your specific requirements.
While uShip offers a confidence guarantee to assist with refunds and damage claims, it’s essential to verify that your selected carrier carries the appropriate insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport.
When assessing bids, consider factors such as carrier insurance coverage, safety records, and driver ratings. The lowest price may not always indicate the best choice, so prioritize the overall value and reliability offered by each bid.
Yes, uShip charges a service fee for utilizing their marketplace, which fluctuates based on your shipment details. Expect this fee to add approximately 6% to 10% to your final bill.


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