Review of SGT Auto Transport in 2024

Review of sgt auto transport

When it comes to moving vehicles across state lines, the market is flooded with numerous auto transport companies. Whether you’re relocating across the country, buying a vehicle from out-of-state, or simply moving down the coast, SGT Auto Transport is a standout choice. With their reliable services, SGT Auto Transport efficiently picks up cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles, ensuring safe and timely delivery to your desired destination. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into everything you need to know about SGT Auto Transport, helping you determine if they are the right company for your cross-country or local vehicle transportation needs.

  • Flexible transport options: Enclosed and open carriers available.
  • Nationwide coverage: Serving 49 states for interstate moves.
  • Varied vehicle transportation: Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and RVs transported.

  • Operates as a broker connecting customers with a network of transporters.
  • Pricing falls within the average range compared to other providers.

SGT Auto Transport Shipping Services and Features

SGT Auto Transport acts as a broker, connecting customers in need of vehicle transport with contractors and companies that specialize in such services. Established in 2014 and headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, SGT Auto Transport has built a solid reputation for customer satisfaction. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the majority of their customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction. Although the company has had 17 complaints filed against them in the past three years, the number remains relatively low.

SGT Auto Transport offers a wide range of services for transporting various vehicle types. Whether you need to move a car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle, SGT will connect you with carriers capable of handling the job. Unlike some competitors, SGT Auto Transport provides quotes for both open car trailers and enclosed models. The open carrier option offers a more affordable choice, while the enclosed trailer ensures enhanced security and protection for your vehicle at a higher cost.

For customers requiring expedited shipping, SGT Auto Transport offers this service at an additional fee. With expedited shipping, you can expect your vehicle to be delivered within one to two days. SGT also caters to military personnel in need of vehicle transport when changing bases or locations, allowing them to focus on their duties.

SGT Auto Transport Shipping Costs

SGT Auto Transport’s pricing falls within the mid-range compared to other auto transport providers. To give you an idea, we requested a quote to transport a classic running SUV from New York to Sacramento, California. Our quoted price was $2,629, which aligns with the average cost for shipping a vehicle over such a distance, typically ranging around $2,000. Keep in mind that larger SUVs may incur slightly higher costs.

Obtaining a quote from SGT Auto Transport is a straightforward process. You only need to provide your email address, vehicle information, and desired pick-up date. Phone numbers are optional, ensuring convenience during the quoting process

State Availability and Additional Benefits

SGT Auto Transport operates in 49 states, excluding Alaska, making their services available to a vast majority of customers. However, they may be able to assist with international shipping, enabling vehicle owners to move their prized possessions abroad.

One notable benefit of choosing SGT Auto Transport is their automatic insurance coverage for transported vehicles. This coverage includes protection against accidents, damage caused by the elements, and even theft. The cost of insurance is integrated into the vehicle delivery fee, eliminating the need for additional charges or fees.

SGT’s primary service is door-to-door delivery, offering the convenience of pick-up from your home and delivery to another home. This eliminates the hassle of ports or facility pick-ups, making it particularly advantageous for owners of classic cars or individuals with busy schedules.

For customers with tight schedules, SGT Auto Transport offers guaranteed pick-up dates. You can select specific dates for pick-up, and SGT guarantees that a company will retrieve your vehicle on the chosen date. Unlike other companies that struggle with fluid pick-up windows and delays, SGT’s guarantee provides peace of mind and reliability.

Furthermore, SGT Auto Transport provides a price-matching guarantee, which is a significant benefit for customers. If you have written quotes from other companies with higher Google and BBB ratings than SGT, you can submit those quotes to SGT, and they will work to lower the price accordingly.

Is SGT Auto Transport the Right Choice for You?

Overall, SGT Auto Transport emerges as an excellent option for customers seeking vehicle transport services across the country. Whether you need to ship a car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle, SGT Auto Transport offers competitive pricing with comprehensive insurance coverage. With services available in 49 states, SGT can accommodate almost any move. Their guaranteed pick-up windows, choice between enclosed or open transport, and price-match guarantee make SGT Auto Transport a preferred choice for many customers.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Costs

Several factors influence the cost of shipping a vehicle:

Vehicle type: Larger vehicles requiring more trailer space and consuming more fuel will incur higher shipping costs.
Vehicle condition: Vehicles that can move under their own power are easier to load and offload, resulting in lower shipping costs.
Distance: Longer distances generally lead to higher shipping costs, although the price per mile is typically lower for longer trips.
Season: Summer is the busiest time for vehicle delivery, so waiting until fall or winter may secure discounted pricing.
Trailer type: Enclosed trailers offer enhanced safety and security but come at a higher cost compared to open trailers.
Fuel prices: Fluctuations in fuel prices impact the overall cost of vehicle transport.
Urgency: Expedited shipping for immediate vehicle delivery will incur higher costs compared to longer delivery windows.
Insurance: Opting for additional insurance coverage beyond the basic policy will result in higher shipping costs.


SGT Auto Transport connects customers in need of vehicle transport with its extensive network of over 200,000 delivery partners. They gather the customer’s information and find the most suitable company from their network to handle the transportation.
Yes, SGT Auto Transport offers both open car trailers and enclosed models. Open transport is more affordable, while enclosed transport provides added security and protection at a higher cost.
While SGT Auto Transport primarily serves 49 states, they may be able to assist with international shipping arrangements, allowing customers to transport their vehicles abroad.
Yes, SGT Auto Transport automatically insures vehicles against accidents, damage caused by the elements, and theft. The cost of insurance is included in the vehicle delivery fee, avoiding any additional charges or fees.
Yes, SGT Auto Transport allows customers to choose specific pick-up dates and guarantees.


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