How Long Does Auto Transport Companies Take to Deliver a Car

How long does auto trannsport companies take to deliver a car

You’ve probably pondered a long-distance road journey if you’ve ever needed to complete a cross-country move. With that in mind, why would you want to ship your car from one state to another distance of which may be more than 2000 km rather than driving it? When you choose to export your car, you are doing it a huge favor in terms of its value and worth.

Driving more than 2000 km across a few states may increase the vehicle’s mileage and may reduce its resale value. Aside from the unnecessary wear and strain on your vehicle, the cost of self-transporting it from a state to a long distant state can quickly pile up. A road trip is far more expensive than shipping the automobile when you consider the expenditures of gas, food, and hotel.

You should also think about the implications for your health and your time. For example, traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles takes about 30 hours in total, which means you’ll be in the car for about 10 hours per day. Long hours behind the wheel can contribute to driver tiredness, which is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in the United States. Not to mention leg cramps and painful backs from sitting for long periods.

By having your vehicle delivered from Chicago to Los Angeles, you may avoid any bad impacts on both your health and the health of your vehicle.

There are 2 types of shipment of autos; within the USA (Intrastate) and from another country to the USA. Let’s provide you the valuable information for the benefit of the people.

Intrastate Shipment of Automobiles 

It is a great hassle for the people who want to go to a state which has a distance of thousands of kilometers. They feel it is troublesome to drive such a long way despite the fact the road infrastructure of the way is of a high standard. But they need to have their vehicle at the destination or they are going to shift there.

For example, someone is based in Alaska and he/she wants to go to Albany – located at a distance of about 5166 Km away. The feeling of hassle is natural. This problem has been solved by the automobile shipping services.  They pick up the vehicles, place them in a container and deliver the same at the required destination safe and sound within a reasonable period. There are so many auto shipping companies providing such services.

Open Carrier Auto Transport System:

You’ve probably seen open transport carriers on the road with a trailer with double or triple racks that allow vehicles to be stacked for transportation. This is the most prevalent mode of automobile transportation, and it is frequently seen with new cars on their journey from the manufacturer to dealerships. Because it is efficient and the most cost-effective mode of auto shipping. Open carrier auto shipping is popular. Open carrier shipping is less expensive than moving an individual car or driving it yourself because the costs are shared with other transport clients.

Enclosed Shipments:

The cars are moved in a covered carrier. The benefit of this arrangement is total peace of mind that comes with total security when they ship enclosed. During the transfer process, your classic car or costly vehicle will never be exposed to the elements. Your vehicle will be completely encased, protecting it from the climate as well as trash and boulders were thrown upon the highway. Enclosed car shipment ensures the highest level of security while in transit. Nobody has access to your precious automobile.

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Other features of their services are:

  • To hire the services of an auto shipping company one has to contact them through phone, email, or their website. They take the delivery of automobile from your doorstep and deliver to the destination. 
  • The delivery time depends on the distance of the destined location. 
  • The vehicle is covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance. 
  • Some of the shipping companies provide the facility of live tracking of their carrier carrying the automobiles.

How Long Does Auto Transport Companies Take To Ship A Car?

The delivery time depends upon the distance and weather conditions. But the average time of delivery is given under:

  • 1 – 300 miles               1-2 days
  • 301 – 500 miles          2-3 days
  • 501 – 900 miles          2-4 days
  • 901 – 1,200 miles       3-5 days
  • 2,201 – 2,800 miles   7-10 days
  • 2,801 or more              8-12 days

Depending on which states you require service in, the time it takes to transport your car from one state to another varies. Standard delivery times would be applied to a vehicle operated by a single driver. The journey would be completed significantly faster if the trucks were driven by two or more drivers, as several drivers would swap shifts.

Drivers are usually authorized to drive for 14 hours in a row, with the option of driving for up to 11 hours after being off duty for 10 hours or more. The FMCSA  (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) enforces this limit on the amount of time a driver is authorized to operate per shift.

To calculate the time it takes to transport a car from picking point to delivery point, factor in driving time, loading and unloading time, and customer service for each designated pick-up and delivery, all of which add up to the total time it takes to transport your automobile to its final destination.

Your transit time is the number of days it will take to transfer your vehicle, which is mostly determined by the distance it will be transported. Other circumstances, such as weather or mechanical problems, could affect the projected transit time. If your pickup or delivery site is in a rural area, you might be able to save money and time by meeting your driver in or near a big urban center.


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