Top Car Shipping Companies in Florida – July 2024

Top car shipping companies in florida
Are you looking to ship your car to or from Florida? We have researched and ranked the best car shipping companies in Florida for May 2023. These companies offer reliable service, excellent customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing for a hassle-free car transport experience.

AutoStar Transport Express - 4.6/5

BBB Score: 4.8/5.

States Serviced:All

International Car Shipping:Yes

Google Business Profile: 4.6/5

Facebook Rating:4.5/5

Transport Review: 4.8/5

Why AutoStar Transport Express is the Best Choice?

After thorough investigation and market comparison, AutoStar Transport Express stands out as the top car shipping company in Florida. They prioritize on-time delivery, excellent customer service, and offer convenient features like online live tracking 24/7, next-level carrier quality, online booking, easy damage claim process, and discounted prices for military personnel and students. AutoStar Transport Express is highly recommended for their

Other Top Car Shipping Companies in Florida

U-Ship Car Marketplace

BBB Score: Excellent

States Serviced: 50

International Car Shipping:Yes

Learn More: On uShip’s Website.

Montway Auto Transport

BBB Score: Excellent

States Serviced: 50

International Car Shipping:Yes

Learn More:  On Montway’s Website.

American Auto Shipping

BBB Score: Excellent

States Serviced: 50

International Car Shipping:Yes

Sherpa Auto Transport

BBB Score: Excellent

States Serviced: 50

International Car Shipping:Yes

Learn More: On Sherpa’s Website

It’s important to consider factors such as budget, hidden costs, customer service ratings, and any special shipping needs when selecting a car shipping company.


The cost of shipping a car varies depending on factors such as distance, vehicle size, transport carrier type, and additional services. It’s recommended to obtain personalized quotes from car shipping companies for accurate pricing.

Shipping a car is often more affordable than buying a new vehicle. It saves you from the hassle of credit checks, loan approvals, and haggling over prices. If you have a special or classic car, shipping preserves its value and sentimental importance.

For shorter distance moves within Florida, there are reputable local car shipping companies available. RCC Auto Transport and Ship a Car Inc. are recommended choices for local car shipping in Florida.

It’s essential to fully understand the pricing breakdown and any potential additional charges before finalizing a car shipping company. Look for transparent companies that guarantee their quoted prices and provide upfront information about potential fees.

Factors to consider include budget, customer service ratings, coverage of special shipping needs, and the company’s cancellation policy. Obtaining multiple quotes and reading reviews from past customers can help in making an informed decision.


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