Shipping Your Car and Household Items Together: A Complete Guide

Shipping Your Car and Belongings Together

Guide to shipping car and belongings together! Embarking on a cross-country move entails not only transporting your household belongings but also your vehicle to your new destination. Opting to ship your car and household items together can streamline the moving process, providing both convenience and efficiency. This comprehensive guide explores the various facets of shipping your car and household items together, offering detailed insights to ensure a seamless transition.

Key Highlights - Shipping Car and Belongings Together

  • Streamlined Move: Combine car and household item shipping for convenience and efficiency, selecting reputable car shipping companies and appropriate methods based on your requirements.
  • Preparation is Crucial: Ensure safe transport by adequately prepping your car, securely packing household items, and obtaining sufficient insurance coverage.
  • Smooth Transition: Coordinate effectively, track shipments, and understand essential documents and safety precautions for a stress-free relocation experience.

Selecting a Reputable Car Shipping Company

Choosing a trustworthy car shipping company like AutoStar Transport Express is paramount for the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle and household items. Begin by conducting thorough research to identify reputable firms in the industry. Evaluate customer reviews and testimonials to gauge reliability and satisfaction levels.

Additionally, verify licensing and insurance credentials to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. After shortlisting potential companies, compare quotes to find competitive rates while maintaining service quality.

Determining the Right Shipping Method

When shipping your car and household items together, carefully assess the best shipping method. Door-to-door auto transport offers convenience, while terminal-to-terminal options may be more budget-friendly. Choose based on your specific preferences and needs. Car shipping methods typically include open or enclosed trailers, each offering varying levels of protection.

Similarly, for household items, choose between shipping containers or consolidated services, considering factors such as item value and protection requirements.

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Properly preparing your car for shipping is essential to ensure its safety during transit. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the vehicle inside and out to facilitate inspection and documentation of its condition. Document any existing damage with photos or videos as evidence if disputes arise. Remove all personal belongings, valuable items, documents, and aftermarket accessories from the car to comply with safety regulations and mitigate risks of damage or theft.

Packing and Protecting Household Items

When shipping belongings with your car, secure packing is vital to prevent damage during transit. Declutter unnecessary items to reduce volume and weight. Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper for fragile items, and label boxes for easy identification upon arrival.

Coordinating the Shipping Process

Effective communication and organization are key to coordinating the shipping process smoothly. Once you’ve selected a company and shipping method, schedule pickup of your car and household items, ensuring alignment with your moving plans. Maintain regular communication with the company to stay informed on shipment status and address any concerns promptly.

Insurance Coverage for Car and Household Items

Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential to protect your car and household items during transit. Review insurance options offered by car shipping companies, understanding coverage limits, terms, and exclusions. Consider purchasing additional insurance for comprehensive coverage against potential damages or losses.

Cost Considerations

Shipping costs for your car and belongings depend on factors such as distance, item size and weight, shipping method, and delivery timeframe. Obtain quotes from multiple car shipping companies to compare prices and services. Prioritize reliability and service quality alongside cost considerations for a smooth relocation experience.

Important Documents and Safety Measures

Gather all necessary documents for the shipping process, including vehicle registration, insurance, and an inventory list for household items. Maintain copies for reference throughout the shipping process. Implement safety precautions such as disabling car alarms and securing loose parts to safeguard your car and household items during transit.


Shipping your car and belongings together offers a convenient solution for cross-country relocation. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, including selecting a reputable car shipping company, proper preparation, and understanding key aspects of the shipping process, you can ensure a successful transition to your new home.


Yes, you can typically ship household items inside your car when using a car shipping service, but there may be limitations on weight and types of items allowed.

To prepare your car for shipping, clean it thoroughly, document any existing damage, remove personal belongings, ensure the fuel tank is less than a quarter full, and deactivate any alarms.
m immediately using pre-departure documentation and photos as evidence. Contact our auto transport company for assistance.

While there are generally no strict weight restrictions for shipping belongings with a car, it’s essential to check with the car shipping company for any specific guidelines or limitations.

The time it takes to ship a car and belongings across the country varies depending on factors like distance, shipping method, and company schedule. On average, it can take 1-2 weeks for coast-to-coast shipments.

If your belongings get damaged during shipping, document the damage, notify the car shipping company immediately, and file a claim with them to seek compensation for the damages incurred.


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